MFH Pillow information

Messages on your Pillow:

General Information Pillows: General information pillows such as a town name, state or sayings can be added at no additional charge.  

Custom Pillows: For an additional fee of $20 per pillow,  specific personalized messages such as names, dates anniversaries, birth dates, home, boat & pet names can be added.

Copyright - we respect the right of copyrighted material of individuals and organizations.

Pillow sizes and price

  • General information Pillows
    • 12X18 - $50   
    • 20X20 - $70 
    • 18x25 - $80 
  • Custom Pillows (additional fee $20)
    • 12X18 - $70
    • 20X20 - $90
    • 18X25 - 100

How to order an MFH Pillow

Custom Options:  

  • Choose a size and select "not custom" or "yes custom"

    Choose a fabric style/color:

    • Cotton (Fabric color canvas)
    • Linen (Fabric color choices: Sky Blue - Slate - Sand


    • Uppercase stencil or Lowercase stencil see image

    Font Colors

    • See the color palette image and select an option


    Type in the wording line by line as how you want it to appear.

    Special Instructions

    Anything you want us to know?


    Allow for up to 2 weeks for delivery!  It may come sooner, but it is difficult to guarantee.