What's Trending in 2017

January 27, 2017

What's Trending in 2017

had a great time at the Atlanta Gift Show this month, and I was able to really hone in on what is going to be important for 2017, in both our homes and in fashion.  I’d love to share a few of my observations with you…

Farmhouse Rules!

This is a great trend, especially for us here in New England.  All things farmhouse will continue to be popular, whether it is setting the table with vintage-looking pottery, or filling an empty corner with a reclaimed crate that can double as an end table, if it looks vintage or country, it is going to fit right in!  We have a great advantage in these parts, we can seek out original pieces or we can purchase reproductions, it’s really up to you.

My favorite Farmhouse find:  some super useful enamelware plates and serve pieces that can go from indoors to outdoors without skipping a beat!  Look for them to arrive in store this spring.


Light aqua enamelware


Writing Is Back!

For some, the art of note writing and the appreciation of stationery was never Out, so take this one as you will.  Never before had I noticed more showrooms with beautiful cards, pens, desk sets, you name it!  It is nice to know that in this digital age, some things are still better accomplished the old fashioned way.

My favorite Writing tool:  the colorful and useful pens and pads from WH Hostess.  Look for these sets to arrive in shop just in time for graduations and teacher appreciation.


Stationery sets from WH Hostess


Always Pack Your Sense of Humor!

We want to laugh, we want to giggle, and we certainly want to smile more in 2017.  That much was obvious as I roamed from vendor to vendor, laughing (sometimes out loud) at the tea towels, mugs, greeting cards, pillows and more that amused me so.  Some items were just fresh and funny, and others were innocent and sweet.  More than ever, in this day and age, it is important to be light hearted and willing to stop being so serious, if even just in our kitchens, as we wipe the counter with our favorite funny tea towel.  So come, add something to your routine that makes you smile, or makes you belly laugh.  It’s OK!!

My favorite Funny:  tea towels with sentiments ranging from wine to housekeeping to cooking.  These are pieces that I would share with my best girls, and I know that they, too, would share in the laughter.  Look for the first batch to arrive in time for Valentine’s Day.


Tea towels with a sense of humor


Keeping it Light and Layered

I am the first one to admit that I am NOT a fashionista.  I prefer classics to trends when it comes to clothes and shoes.  That being said, I love to let my jewelry speak to my inner-trendsetter.  This season, it is all about layering with light, easy pieces.  Jewelry will be dainty, and will be plentiful.  You will want to stack your necklaces as you have grown used to stacking your bracelets.  And your earrings will dangle, but once again, will be light and dainty in appearance.  Gone from sight and the large statement pieces that once turned our heads and ignited our imaginations.  Best part:  you probably have a great piece at home to start with, such as that super stylish monogrammed piece that you picked up this winter.  Start with a basic piece, your foundation, and let the layering begin!  You really can't mess up, but if you are unsure about anything at all, we are here to help!

My favorite Layer (besides frosting!):  handcrafted pieces in sterling silver or gold-filled from e. newton design.  Pieces are well priced, and perfectly suited for day or night.  The versatility of this line will astound you.  Look for its debut in shop in April.


The layered look


Well there you have it, some of the things that I was able to notice and bring back to you from the big Atlanta show.  I have so much more to share, be sure to continue to follow my blog, or come along for the ride on Instagram!


Until next time,



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