Our Last October Newsletter

October 29, 2016

Our Last October Newsletter

My last October newsletter!
Dear friends,
Here we are, at the end of October.  We made it, almost unscathed, until that wintery mix showed up yesterday.  I, for one, was not prepared.  My sundresses are still hanging in my closet, and my flip flops have still been on my feet.  I must admit, I found myself in a little bit of a panic on Thursday as that white stuff fell from the sky.  What are we going to do now?  Perhaps a little Holiday Shopping is in order!!
So there are a few things that I have been keeping OFF of Facebook this week so that I could tell you about them HERE, FIRST!!  These are the things that I am totally loving in the shop this week:
We have some of the most gorgeous artisan hats and headbands in the shop this year!  Each hat and headband is handcrafted and made to be as unique as you are.  The colors are rich and deep, and the finishing details are point on.  This is a limited edition order, and once we have sold out, we will be sold out for the season.  Pick one up for you, or grab a few for gifts for the holidays!
One of the most exciting things about being in the position that I am in is working with artists, and being allowed to have input in what they create for my shop. This is the case for the fall offerings from Frederique Pottery.  If we have never introduced you to the line, Frederique is a magnificent artist from France, living in Virgina, who handpaints some of the most beautiful pottery that I have found. We sold out order after order this spring and summer of her hydrangea scenes and her lemon pottery.
I worked closely this summer with her and her husband to come up with a pattern that would be exclusive to our shop for the fall.  Something that would capture the essence of fall in New England, with it’s color, it’s changes, it’s variety, it’s beauty and it’s promise.  Frederique’s interpretation of our discussions is a beautiful and brilliant pattern that we have proudly displayed on our front table.  I can hardly wait for you to stop in to see it!  It is important to note that this is a Limited Edition Collection, and once the pieces have been sold out, we may not be able to replenish the collection.  Please call ahead to reserve pieces.
I am totally crushing on the Warm Hearts Cup Cozy this week! New in the shop, this cup cozy is sure to not only keep your hands comfortably warm, but warm your heart and soul with an inspirational message found under each cozy. This Cup Cozy makes a great stocking stuffer, or Secret Santa gift. Pair it with a coffee gift card, and you have the perfect gift for the teacher in your child’s life. They are just too sweet for words, and they come in a fantastic variety of colors & finishes!
Less than two months remain till Christmas and Hanukkah.  Sharpen your pencil and get your list started.  We will help you make some meaningful choices now, while the selection is top notch and the lines are not crazy!  Come in this weekend, Patti, Arthur and I are manning the shop, and are here to help you look good this gift giving season!!  And stay in touch—we have some really cool things on the horizon this season, things that you will surely not want to miss!!
See you soon,

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